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Listening to Christmas music is so emotional You go from “this is so beautiful” To “I LOVE EVERYTHING, GOD I LOVE EVERYTHING. I THOUGHT I HATED PEOPLE BUT NOW I LOVE THEM THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL” And so basically it’s like getting drunk on Christmas spirit

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I’ve decided to call the series Aesops Fables due to the Main characters name being Aesop. Many of the comics will contain stories and life lessons of the original Aesops fables but in the big scheme have a different story of its own. I’m also underway with creating a title page/poster for the comic digitally, and a digital design for Aesop.

A parent was waiting in the hallway of an elementary school to pick up her kid, and as she waited she noticed a child in the room adjacent to where she stood. She was there for a while so she started paying closer attention to him. She noticed he was building a pyramid out of blocks, but every time he built it he knocked it down. She was horrified.
She walked over to the child and beamed at him
“Why would you build that just to knock it down!”
To which the kid responded
“I’m not building it up to knock it down, I’m knocking it down to build it up.”

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